From SXSW to Web Summit

sxswAfter having missed South by SouthWest this year due the birth of my second son, Francisco, I have been looking for an event to fill that spot for me this year. Although I could not be happier about the arrival of my new child, I have to say that I need that brain food. These sort of events push my thinking forward and help me ave a fresher approach to everything I do in my job.

Dani en CaracasSix weeks ago my friend Dani told me that he is going to get marry in Barcelona next 7th November. Dani came to my wedding back in 2011 to Venezuela and spend the prior week with me and my family in Caracas, where I took this awesome picture with which I opened my Instagram account, and travelling around in cool places like Choroni. So I decided that I have to do whatever I can to get to that wedding, even if includes travelling for more than 20 hours from my home in Costa Rica to Barcelona.

The thing is that while I was looking for flights I realized that during the same week in Dublin is taking place the Web Summit. So I started to do some searching about it, to get a deeper feeling, see last year speakers and try to plan the fluke that could take me there and the wedding of my dear friend.

I have to say that I was lucky enough to first find it and second having my wife to say yes. Today I have booked my ticket for Web Summit 2015 in Dublin. Not only that, but my flight from Barcelona to Dublin with RyanAir and the accommodation in St Stephens Green as well.

I don’t know how it will turn out. Austin is marvelous. The speakers, the startup sessions, the networking and the nightlife are just outstanding, and in my head the chances that Dublin will come pass it are pretty low. However my heart, and some reads about last year’s Web Summit are raising my expectations.

Now I need to look up for a partner in crime. My hotel is too close to Temple Bar to let the opportunity go unharmed.

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