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6 types of content people in your organzation will share

Breaking NewsHaving your employees onboard in the content sharing strategy is key to success. This success is built upon the following framework:

  • You need to tell them how important they are for your company in your content marketing strategy,
  • you need to teach them how to use social media to promote company content,
  • you need to share your content in a way in which your employees will find it easy to participate and …
  • you need to get them to share.

In this post I will focus on what sort of content is relevant for people so they can find it suitable for their timelines, in other words, what sort of content do you need to write to get employees to share it. Continue reading →

8 clues to maximize your earned media


One of the talks that I was really looking forward to go to during South by Southwest was the science of predicting earned media. This panel was led by a company called Visible Measures and included people form media agency and brands.

As we all want to make the most out of our paid media when we support a specific content, especially when we have limited resources, I made sure to squeeze every word and concept the panelists came up with.

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